Friday, June 30, 2006

Tripping on a Diving Board

I wonder if this hurts...

SpiderMan 3 Trailer

SpiderMan 3 Trailer. 'Nuff said.

2 Chinese Guys Rocking out to the Backstreet Boys

I was surfing through Google Video and I came upon a video that I saw about a year ago. Many people on the web have seen this but I figured it was worthy enough to post up even though it is pretty old.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith heckled at the Draft

At the NBA Draft last night Stephen A. Smith was heckled by some guys. I love Stephen A. and at times you gotta wonder if these guys hate or love Stephen. My guess is hate but they do cheer a lot when he does actual commentary. This is an extremely funny video but at one brief period there is a no-kids portion so keep that in mind.

The creators of this video would like to point out: "Also, since it seems to interest people, one of the hecklers is black" just in case there could be some finger-pointing.

Chuck Norris SAYING Chuck Norris jokes

Chuck Norris jokes are now famous on the web and Chuck Norris seems to be banking on them.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

This is Jon Stewart at his best/worst. Best because he is hard hitting and gets to the facts. Worst only because he is only 50% of the time funny instead of 100% funny like usual. This is a pretty famous clip because it also shows how smart Jon Stewart really is. They say comedians are the smartest people on the planet (or at least I do).


Fast forward about a minute. This is Brazil's famous Ronaldinho in a practice-like session. This guy is amazing.

What is the Point of VideoWrap??

Video on the web is currently the biggest thing out there and is storming the countryside. What is better then being able to watch funny, dramatic, amazing videos on the web right on your computer? With the way the world is turning nowadays YouTube, Google Video, and Yahoo Video are storming the scene with some amazing content. My personal favorite out of the Big 3 is YouTube so most likely you will see a ton of YouTube videos here.

The main objective of this site is to deliver high-quality videos right to your computer without you having to do any work and finding these videos. So sit back, relax, and hit the play button!

Soccer Highlight Reel

This is a Soccer Highlight reel I found on Google Video. These are some pretty amazing goals and in the light of the World Cup I figured I would post it.