Sunday, December 31, 2006

How to Take YouTube Videos With You Part I: PodTube (N)

Found the best video you have ever seen on YouTube and you want to take it with you and show it to all your friends? There are so many different solutions out there right now which you can use that will allow you to take your favorite YouTube videos and place in a bunch of different places (iPods, PSPs, your computer, and more). This will be a new series on the VideoWrap called How to Take YouTube Videos With You. At the end of the series I will compare all the different solutions that are out there and help pick the best one for you. Stay tuned to the VideoWrap to learn how to get all those great videos. Here is part one in the series.

PodTube is a quick and easy solution that allows you to download and encode a YouTube video and place it on your iPod via iTunes. It is a low memory and cpu usage application that can take videos that you are viewing in Safari and download and encode them. This lightweight app is Mac OS X only so sorry all Windows users (a Windows app will be reviewed later). The app is great at doing what it does in an extremely compact package. You can encode for your iPod and add it to iTunes. However, when I was testing it there seems to be a bug because when I tell it to add to iTunes it moves the file to my trash and then adds it to iTunes. What good is a file in iTunes if when I empty my trash it is gone?

Another bad thing is that there is only support for Safari and not Firefox which is terrible for all diehard Firefoxers. Another thing that pains me is that there is no support for other devices. There are smartphones, PSPs, Palms, and so many other handheld devices that I would like to see YouTube videos on but PodTube doesn't support any of that.

However, if you are just looking for a way to put YouTube videos on your iPod in an easy and FREE solution that this is the one for you.

Stay tuned for the other segments of the series How to Take YouTube Videos With You.

YouTube Goes All Out for New Year's (N)

YouTube has gone all out with New Year's posting a revamp of their main website. I don't remember YouTube ever doing something like this for Christmas but I guess they are just being politically correct. With some sponsorship via Chevrolet, YouTube is celebrating the New Year by uploading some videos from New Year's Eve concerts. Also, YouTube is encouraging people to upload special New Year's videos onto a New Year's group and the best ones will be featured throughout the day. The revamp of the front page looks nice and it may result in some permanent changes but only the new year will tell.

Hope your New Year's celebration is great everyone and here's to another great year.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Scrubs - Everything Comes Down to Poo

Scrubs is one of my favorite sitcoms right now on TV. Seems that there is going to be a special musical of Scrubs aired on January 18th. NBC has been nice enough to post a special "music video" from the episode. Halfway through I said to myself, "This is so stupid but it's good."

Frank Caliendo Impression as John Madden (GREAT!)

Frank Caliendo, a comedian, usually appears on Fox NFL Sunday and has gained a knack for doing John Madden impressions. He is absolutely amazing at it and this is the best impression I have ever seen of Madden. If you are any sort of fan of football then you should be laughing nonstop just like I was.

FULL video of Saddam Hussein Executed

I recently posted a video that showed parts of the Saddam Hussein execution. Now I have found a COMPLETE video of the Saddam Hussein execution. This is the complete version and very vivid.

Happy New Year (?)

Happy New Year! or not? Great spoof of everything having to be politically correct. I know it is a bit early but Happy New Year everyone.

Saddam Hanging Video - Real

This is Saddam's hanging video. There are countless fakes right now on YouTube but I found one that shows the hanging. It's official now. Saddam Hussein is dead.

UPDATE: Click here to find a FULL video of the Saddam Hussein Execution. However, I recommend this video to anyone who doesn't really want to see the gory details.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ocean's 13 Trailer

Ocean's 11 was a great movie. Ocean's Twelve was decent at best. Let's see if adding another person can help the series do a little better. Here is a trailer for Ocean's 13.

Personally, I think that this trailer sucked and didn't get me excited at all which is the whole point of trailers. The only good part was that there will be Al Pacino in it.

Shoe Tying Trick

Crazy video of a guy flicking his shoes and he ties them with no hands. Just plain awesome.

Look in the comments and I'll say whether this was fake or not and explain how he was able to do it (or not do it).

Thursday, December 28, 2006

John Edwards' YouTube Candidacy

John Edwards has announced his plans to run for the Presidency in 2008. No big news right? Well there is, because he announced it via the internet. Obviously trying to target the internet viewers he posted a video on YouTube Wednesday night and has made the blogosphere rounds. It is no secret that political blogs can help determine races all across the country. John Edwards is hoping to tap that power and allow him to catapult to the White House.

5 Things YouTube Will Do in 2007 (N)

Online video really skyrocketed in 2006 and it is sure to boom even more in 2007. Here is a list of 5 things that YouTube/Google will do in 2007.

1. Although there is pressure from Metacafe and Revver, YouTube will still not provide any monetary support to producers of original content. YouTube just doesn't need to try and get the views, traffic, or content that Metacafe and Revver are trying to take away.

2. Google Video will lean more and more towards advertising. Already, Google has stepped into the video advertising realm through the use of Google Video Ads. With competition from Revver and others in video advertising look for Google to try and gain a bigger percentage of the video ad profits.

3. More corporate sponsors/videos on YouTube. Any company in their right mind is going to try and get their hands on the success of YouTube. Back in the day when YouTube had no business model people feared that once YouTube started placing ads then it would go to corporate and not stay true to what makes YouTube great. Already, CBS and NBC has placed videos on YouTube in hopes of boosting recognition and ratings. Look for even more of this in 2007. I expect even more companies to jump on the bandwagon which could possibly hurt YouTube. I already hate how much attention YouTube gives to CBS by placing their videos in key places (top and sidebar). If YouTube continues to do this then there may be some backlash that they will have to face. Hopefully, they won't go too far.

4. Copyright infringement. YouTube will continue to allow copyright infringement as long as companies don't protest. This is one of the keys to YouTube's success as it has become a source to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Family Guy, and other popular shows. Other video sites that try and compete just can't match up to the level of illegal content that YouTube has (one of the reasons why Revver isn't succeeding).

5. YouTube will continue to maintain its success and finally create a sustainable business model based on banner ads provided by Google. YouTube will turn a profit and in 2007 YouTube will surpass Myspace (according to Alexa rankings YouTube is 6th and Myspace is 5th) in popularity and possibly overtake

All of these things will affect YouTube/Google in different ways and only #3 might hurt them. I expect YouTube to have a great year and continue to be a cult favorite for many. YouTube is becoming so influential in our ways of life that it is hard to see it go anywhere but up.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Clip of Borat Making a Move on Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart tries to teach Borat how to make a bed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Borat starts to come onto Martha and hilarity ensues. Borat is self explanatory. Watch this video.

Underwater CO2 Explosions

Here is a video of backyard pool explosions of dry ice bombs. The detonation of one causes the other to rise to the surface and the blast sets off a car alarm 2 houses away (listen closely). These guys did some nice slow motion work which really is amazing to see.

Amazing Psycho-Test...Worked on Me

This is just a quick one minute test but it is crazy freaky how it got it right for me. I'm sure there is some reason but I just don't get it. See if it works for you.

Evil Dad Scares Kid with Maze Game

This was an extremely controversial video of a dad traumatizing his son to death. This video is credited with being the one that started the freak out your friends craze. It's funny at first and then you start thinking how evil this dad is.

The Nightmare of Cancelling AOL

Blogger Vincent Ferrari had no idea that the audio recording of his attempt to cancel his AOL account would cause a web sensation and bring a multi billion dollar company to its knees. Subsequnetly Vincent made all the rounds on TV and AOL has vowed to completely revamp their customer service department. Power to the people!

Custom Built Paintball Gattling Gun

This thing is just plain awesome. This guy custom built a paintball gattling gun that shoots balls out at 1200 psi. I wonder who his enemies are? It must suck to be them.

Soccer Trick Movie

Here is a great video via Metacafe of some awesome soccer tricks. All fans of sports should enjoy this video because it shows true ability and skill in action.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is Hot - Another Firefox Flick

Please don't throw stones at me just because I'm posting two similar videos in a row. I'm sorry I'm addicted to Firefox. It's a problem; I know. Plus, I love these Firefox Flicks and these really are great videos. Here is another great Firefox Flick titled "This is Hot"

Great Get Firefox Flick

Firefox Flicks was a promotional tool brought to you by Spread Firefox in an effort to allow the Firefox user community to create little flicks exemplifying how much better Firefox is then all the competition (which it is, it's true. look it up) This is a funny Firefox Flick which just shows how cool Firefox really is. Check this video out and then get Firefox and dump IE.

SofaTube: YouTube for your Wii & PS3 (N)

SofaTube is a new offering via Red Kawa that aims to be the solution for viewing YouTube and Revver videos on your Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation 3. Both consoles give you the ability to surf the web (something I really wish the 360 had). With this new found venue for online video comes some added obstacles.

Imagine this, you've got your beautiful TV in front of you and you are surfing the web via your console. You choose to view some videos on YouTube and you are met with a small screen where you can barely read the font and it is hard to get a good view of the video. Tune in to SofaTube for salvation. They provide videos off of YouTube and Revver in nice sizes for your TVs and have nice big fonts for your reading pleasure. SofaTube allows you to search for your favorite video, view videos by username, or look at featured videos.

Another major feature that I really like of SofaTube's is the Advanced Entrance. Before going to the actual video site SofaTube allows you to either jump straight into the videos or select the Advanced Entrance. You really should be using this feature if you are using SofaTube. You can select between HTML or Flash, select between YouTube and Revver, and select a video viewing preference. The big plus, however, is that you can pick a screen resolution for your TV. You can choose between:

NTSC/WVGA 480i/480p (720x480, 854x480)
HDTV 720p (1280x720)
HDTV 1080i/1080p (1920x1080)

The SofaTube has some major positives and the most obvious one is that it allows you to view videos through you Wii and PS3. However, it does have some negatives which could be its shortcoming.

First off, if you are looking for SofaTube to be a replacement for YouTube or Revver then you'll be disappointed. You cannot look at all the videos and it doesn't give you all the benefits that the actual websites do. There aren't any elements of social networking involved nor is it easy to move around the videos using the Wiimote or PS3 six axis. Using the search and user features can be a big pain while using the consoles because most people don't have keyboards hooked up to their consoles. This makes typing in letters a nuisance. Also, the featured section of SofaTube is a jumbled mess (as shown in the pic below) where you have to shift through a pile to find a certain video which makes it ever the more harder using a controller (though the Wiimote does help).

Overall, SofaTube is great for watching a few videos on your TV, but it isn't ideal for prolonged usage nor is it good for a replacement of YouTube or Revver. If you are just trying to show some people a great video then this could be a great solution for you and I hope that SofaTube can work out some issues to make it an even better service.

Rating: 3 out of 5

YouTube's Helps out With Video Toolbox (N)

If you want to upload the best videos on the web then it is really quite simple: just upload to any major online video site and it does the rest and you can find your video online. However, let's face it. The only way you are going to get a lot of views and/or get your video viewed on the VideoWrap is for you to create some good quality content.

YouTube has teamed up with VideoMaker Magazine to provide some helpful tips for you to create the best possible videos. There are General Information tips, Directing/Producing tips, Shooting/Camerawork tips, Lighting tips, Sound tips, and Post-Production tips. All of these can help you make the best possible videos and can really get you started in the video world.

By giving tips, YouTube is hoping that you, the director, will create your better videos and upload them onto their site. Of course, there are more comprehensive tips online but with Youtube being the 6th most visited site in the world it is fair to say that a lot of people will be using these tips.

It is a comprehensive showing, but it truly isn't aimed at professionals and is more of a good starter set to beginning to intermediate YouTubers.

Jackass Number Two - The Bungee Jump

I love clips on YouTube where basically a group of idiots do stupid things that are crazy and could end badly. Basically, Jackass was a show on MTV that did all that and they eventually made two movies. Here is a hilarious clip of a bungee jump involving a small guy jumping off a bridge. Only difference is that he isn't harnessed to the bridge...just to a fat guy.

Shaq Slam Dunks the Backboard Down

I have never been a fan of Shaquille O'Neal and I most likely never will be because I don't see the finesse in his game. However, I do see the sheer power and strength that he has as exemplified by this video. He slam dunks and brings the rim, backboard, and shot clock with him. This is the only time something like this has happened in NBA history and it sure is entertaining to watch.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Kids Blow up School Papers! Heard from a mile away

Everyone in school always talks about how they want to trash or light their school papers on fire. Well, these guys did it and poured some gasoline on along the way. It creates an amazing explosion that is heard over a mile and creates a huge smoke stack.

P.S. This, I believe, is the first video posted from on the VideoWrap. I'm thinking about adding it to the repertoire if this gets enough views. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Conan - Secret Santa Ninja

Worried about remaining anonymous while delivering your Secret Santa gift? Jade Dragon Gift Distribution Services can help. Conan O'Brien is just plain awesome and he is is responsible for this video. So watch it. Plus, there are ninjas!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Guitar God

You may or may not have already seen this video. It is the fourth most watched video of all time on YouTube and for good reason. This guy is just absolutely amazing on the guitar and a master at guitar wanking. I just love the sound of a guitar and this guy is amazing with his. A must view for anyone who enjoys the sound of a guitar as much as I do (and a spin on some classical music). One of the most popular videos of all time. 'Nuff said.

Harry Potter Book 7 Title

For those of you interested in finding out what the title of the last book in the Harry Potter series is then you have to go to and search for quite a long time until you find out the title of the book. Or you can just watch this video and watch as these guys do it for you. Enjoy.

Donald Trump Vs. Rosie O'Donnell

Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell. The Donald is really laying it out there after Rosie O'Donnell said some harsh things to him after the Miss USA scandal. The first part of the video is of Rosie making fun of Donald Trump and the second part is his rebuttal. Both say some harsh things and all in all it makes for some good ol' fashioned man vs. man entertainment.

Rocky Balboa - Ready To Train

Here is a short clip of the new movie Rocky Balboa provided by MGM Studios. With over 200,000 views this video has become popular on YouTube and an enjoyment to many. Reviews have been good for Rocky Balboa and seems to be a hit with many critics. Check out the Rotten Tomato for it here.


Christmelicious - it's kinda like Fergalicious but it's about Christmas. Are you Christmelicious?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

NBA Taking Down Brawl Videos (N)

Recently, I posted a video of the Knicks Nuggets Brawl that I found on YouTube. Shortly afterwards, the video was taken down so I found another video and posted it in the original's place. Today, I just realized that the second one is no longer on YouTube (which make me pretty mad).

It seems that the NBA has requested that YouTube take down all brawl videos. The image conscious NBA is trying to crack down on brawl videos on YouTube in an effort to save its image with the public. The NBA has said that the videos are a clear violation of their copyright and they are right to say so. However, the NBA doesn't seem to mind the countless videos on YouTube from all their other games. On top of all this nonsense, the NBA hasn't once complained about videos of the infamous Detroit Pistons - Indiana Pacers brawl.

The NBA is trying to virtually eliminate footage of the brawl in a losing battle. I understand the claims for their copyright, but I don't understand their attempts to be more image conscious. Taking videos off of YouTube won't help the NBA get a better image and it isn't as if the video will disappear altogether on the web. They aren't asking ESPN to stop showing clips of the footage like they are asking of YouTube and, as it seems to me, they aren't asking any other company to take the video off of their site. It seems that the NBA, in a stupid move, is taking videos off of the internet to rid itself of the problem and picking on YouTube to do so.

P.S. I have found the video on a certain other online video site owned by Google. You can still, as always, see the brawl here.

Preschool Kid Recites US State Capitals

Cute kids are the key to everything. Everyone loves a cute kid. Now who doesn't like a cute Indian preschool kid who can recite the US state capitals better than most Americans? I know I sure don't.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Amazing Soccer "Scorpion Save"

Sheer athleticism + pure skill + ballsiness = an unbelievable soccer save.

"Independence Day": Net Neutrality Video

I've tried telling people about Net Neutrality and it honestly isn't an easy task. Now, I will just forward my friends to this video where they can find out about Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is, in my opinion, the most important issue in all of politics and gain some knowledge about the issue by watching this video.

Stupid kids Hit Flaming Pumpkin - Hilarious

Wow, these kids are stupid. They light a cantaloupe on fire and then.....

Cool Magnetic Bracelet

Oohhh, magnets. They're cool. Magnet bracelets are even cooler though. Quite literally there are no strings attached and makes a great gift for your special someone (well maybe). If you don't have the money to buy her jewelry then buy her this bracelet. Hey, it's still shiny!

Leo Laporte hates the Zune!

At first Leo Laporte said that he liked the Zune. Now he has changed his mind and enthusiastically states that he hates it. I have never seen Leo this mad before so the Zune must really suck.

Family Survival Kit

Just in time for the holidays is the Family Survival Kit. Equipped with many different goodies you can survive your family during the holidays. This is a great video with a hilarious take on families during the holidays. It plays on all the major family stereotypes and it makes fun of infomercials at the same time. Brilliant.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

YouTube introduces Quick Capture (N)

Even though this is a tad old, the story is still good and important to many (plus, news is now on VideoWrap so I get to talk about it).

Quick capture is a new feature now offered by YouTube. This is a completely new feature that no other site has even thought up. Essentially, YouTube is making the process of uploading video blogs even simpler. Quick Capture is where you can record and upload videos simultaneously from your web browser. It supports all major browser as long as you have Flash installed. Also, for all you security freaks out there the service won't start unless you allow or deny it as seen in the photo.

When Quick Capture first came out about a week ago you would have to select your input devices on your own. Now however, you can choose to auto detect your mic and webcam which make the process even easier.

YouTube is hoping to capitalize even more on the video blog arena by making it extremely easy to create your own video blogs. Quick Capture is really simple to use and a must if you are a video blogger. Two thumbs up!

Amazing Goal by Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba, of Chelsea FC, kicks an amazing goal with unbelievable spin. Heck, he is closer to the midfield then the actual goal itself. Just an amazing shot that you have got to see.

Will an iPod Blend?

For all the Apple addicts out there please turn your eyes away. This one is a doozey. Will it Blend? is a popular series of videos on YouTube where this guys see all the different things that his blender will blend. This video involves:

1 part blender
1 part iPod

Now set the blender to smoothie and watch what happens.

Monday, December 18, 2006

YouTube's Holiday Wishcast (N)

Holiday e-cards and the such have been around forever. Instead of sending a boring graphic e-card or regular card why don't you send a video? YouTube has come up with the brilliant idea to send some holiday videos to your friends and family. There are videos from users and some sponsored videos from Coca-Cola. Want to make your politically correct friend mad? Send him/her a specific Christmas video (nah, just kidding)! There are about 20 different videos in all or you can select a video you have already uploaded or upload a new one.

You can send the videos either by email or to YouTube users (send me one! n3il89). Nothing makes the holidays quite like YouTube.

VideoWrap Is Changing! - Details Here (N)

That's right folks; the VideoWrap is changing. The VideoWrap has been pretty successful in my opinion and has a very niche and important viewership. It is ideal for all those that want to find the best videos on the web without having to search for them. The viewer numbers have been increasing lately since I've been posting more and more videos. I think that to truly expand, however, the VideoWrap needs to provide more then just your favorite videos.

That is why I am not only going to be providing the top videos on the web for you to see from one site but also all of the news concerning the online video world. Who is going to buy MetaCafe? What new things are going down at YouTube? These stories and much much more are going to come.

However, I still, AS ALWAYS, will post the best videos on the web. The VideoWrap will still be your destination to see all the best YouTube, Google Video, and Yahoo Videos on the web!

Furthermore, due to the expansion I need more writers to post up the best videos on the web. If you are interested in doing what I do (aka post awesome videos) then please email me at n3il89 @ You can be a part of the VideoWrap team and share great videos with the world. If the numbers start to escalate enough then writers will be paid and the VideoWrap could be one of the hottest places on the web.

P.S. all news articles will end in (N) so if you don't wanna know the news then you don't have to.

Tickle Me EMO!!

Tickle Me EMO is the most popular toy this season. Everyone wants! Who doesn't like to cut themselves and cry about things? Here is a hilarious sketch from Mad TV that you'll love (unless you're emo).

Best NHL Hits of November

Here are all the bone crushing hits of the NHL that November had to offer! Man, this is what hockey should be 24/7 (i'm not a sick person. i promise). Regardless, you have to agree with me that these hits are insane and for some reason you're gonna love 'em.

Tony vs. Paul - Stop Motion Battle

A stop motion battle between two friends turned enemies. This video took Tony and Paul 2 months to make (holy crap!). If you know anything about stop motion then you know that this must have taken forever and must have been extremely hard to do. Now, if you are like me and don't know anything about stop motion then you better just believe it. Nothing in the video is "fake" and green screens or effects were not used. Here is an extremely creative and exciting work.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hand Farting The Star Spangled Banner

Wow, for some reason stupid stuff like this keeps me amused. Hand farting The Star Spangled Banner is an art form practiced generation upon generation. It is a time honored tradition that isn't taken lightly. When you watch this video you must take off your cap and put your hand over your heart (if you don't then you're not American).

SNL's A Special Christmas Box, Best Since Lazy Sunday

Andy Samberg (the younger guy from Lazy Sunday) teams up with Justin Timberlake to provide the most hilarious SNL has done since Lazy Sunday. I'd give Lazy Sunday a 10 out of 10 and this I would give it a 9 out of 10 so trust me when I say that this one is pretty good. Here is the uncensored version of A Special Christmas Box.

NBA Knicks Nuggets Brawl Video

This is hot off the press folks. I decided to tune into some late-night Sportscenter and found this interesting piece of news. Another brawl has taken place in the NBA between the New Yorks Knicks and Denver Nuggets at Madison Square Garden. I rushed to YouTube and I couldn't find a single video of the brawl. After some digging I finally found a video. This will soon hit all the major blogs and social news sites so here is where you can find the video first!

Break Dancing Freak

This guy is absolutely amazing at break dancing. This takes a lot of skill and practice and the results show it. I've always wanted to learn....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lazy Sunday - Where it Belongs: On YouTube

I know, I know. This is an old video. However, NBC, at one time, made YouTube take it down and now I've been in pain ever since. It has been put up by a user named Static. I'm not sure how long this video will last without being taken down by NBC but let's up forever. Here is Lazy Sunday.

Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey

Matt Damon pulls off a great impression of Matthew McConaughey on David Letterman. I've never heard people do an impression of McConaughey before and I must admit Damon does a good job.

Die Hard 4 Teaser

Live Free or Die Hard. One of the most popular action films is coming in for a fourth round. Check out the Die Hard 4 Teaser here:

Friday, December 15, 2006

Shrek the Third Full Length Trailer

One of the most popular animation movies is coming to a theater near you in a third installment. Get ready for Shrek the Third by watching this full length trailer.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here's another spoof for your enjoyment. This time it is of lonelygirl15 the former uber popular drama queen.

Darth Vader Dad PSA

Man, do I love spoofs or what? This one sure is good and it makes fun of all those Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Meet Vader Dad.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Walking Table - Yes, a Real Walking Table

I hate having to move desks around. They screech, make noises, and it is a pain. This table could be the cure for my ailments. A great example of amazing industrial design is this walking table.

Sen. Kennedy Supports Net Neutrality

Senator Ted Kennedy support Net Neutrality which could possible affect every single internet user in America. Basically, net neutrality is where telecom companies cannot discriminate against consumers and limit their bandwidth. If net neutrality does not exist then YouTube as we know it may go down the drain. Support Net Neutrality!

Monday, December 11, 2006

2 Guys Front Flip over 9 People

(Two guys + 9 people on the floor) x Front Flips = Craziness. Man, if I only if I had these types of skills....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dance, White Boy, Dance

A guy's roommate at the Air Force Academy dances like crazy whenever he leaves. He decides to be a great friend about it and records it and posts it up on the web. The results are a hilarious video of this guy dancing like an idiot.

Human Can Opener

This girl can open a can with just her teeth! Her friends are trying to get her on David Letterman's stupid human tricks so try spreading the word (you can use our email post feature). This really is a stupid human trick though. The only thing I see use for it is opening a can of soup. Can you think of any? Leave a comment if you can.

A.D.D Shopping Network

Creative and funny video featured now on YouTube's front page. What happens when you mix a shopping network and someone with A.D.D?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rocky Balboa - Official Trailer

"After a virtual boxing match declares Rocky Balboa the victor over current champion Mason "The Line" Dixon, the legendary fighter's passion and spirit are reignited. But when his desire to fight in small, regional competitions is trumped by promoters calling for a rematch of the cyber-fight, Balboa must weigh the mental and physical risks of a high profile exhibition match against his need to be in the ring."

Wow, I can't believe they are making another Rocky. This trailer has gotten 4 of 5 stars on YouTube and is extremely popular. I'm not sure if I will see this one. Most likely, the reviews will come back bad but who knows? I know I sure don't.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Halo 3 Commercial - Bad*ss

Ahh, Halo what more is there to say? Halo 3 in fact.This is the Halo 3 commercial that was on Monday Night Football last night for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. Also, if you want to see a higher resolution then go here.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Post-It Stop Motion Video - Brilliant

Wow, these guys undertook a great endeavor to create a brilliant post-it stop motion video and it worked out beautifully. Their hard work really paid off. Check it out:

The Self Stirring Mug

This seems like a brilliant idea for a product you can actually buy it here. Think about it. A self stirring mug! My how civilization is progressing.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nobody Wants a Zune - Creative Ad from Apple

In response to the last post this creative video ad was posted. Although, not really by Apple it is based on some of the old Apple ads (Think Different I believe). Here's what happens when you get a Zune for Christmas...

CNN ridicules Microsoft's Zune

Ouch, CNN ridicules Microsoft's Zune, and boy do I mean ridicule. Basically, it gives it a pimp slap and stay tuned for the next video post which is a response (and boy is it a good one) to this video.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nobody's Watching - Friends

Ten seasons of the popular sitcom "Friends" all in just 90 seconds. I'm really warming up to the guys at Nobody's Watching. They are churning out some great videos recently and here is just another.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chris Rock Predicts OJ Book in 1997

In 1997, Chris Rock predicted that OJ would come out and say the whole "If I did it" thing. Wow, I wonder if this is how OJ got the idea for the book....

Subliminal 1337 speak

If you know anything thing about 1337 and its use then this video will be of great delight to you (if you don't know then go here). The guy knows he is going to win and adds a little humor to Final Jeopardy that only internet culture would probably get (and certainly not Trebek!)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Man Gambles Life Savings On Roulette, Double or Nothing!

Ashley Revell sold everything he owned, traveled to Las Vegas and bet it all on one spin of the roulette wheel. He bet $136,000 and this is what happened...

[via Digg]

Ronaldinho Crazy Bicycle Kick Goal

This guy just amazes me with his ability on the field. If you are even a remote fan of soccer/futbol or even sports in general than you have got to check out this video: an absolutely amazing overhead bicycle kick as Barcelona beat Villarreal 4-0.