Thursday, December 28, 2006

5 Things YouTube Will Do in 2007 (N)

Online video really skyrocketed in 2006 and it is sure to boom even more in 2007. Here is a list of 5 things that YouTube/Google will do in 2007.

1. Although there is pressure from Metacafe and Revver, YouTube will still not provide any monetary support to producers of original content. YouTube just doesn't need to try and get the views, traffic, or content that Metacafe and Revver are trying to take away.

2. Google Video will lean more and more towards advertising. Already, Google has stepped into the video advertising realm through the use of Google Video Ads. With competition from Revver and others in video advertising look for Google to try and gain a bigger percentage of the video ad profits.

3. More corporate sponsors/videos on YouTube. Any company in their right mind is going to try and get their hands on the success of YouTube. Back in the day when YouTube had no business model people feared that once YouTube started placing ads then it would go to corporate and not stay true to what makes YouTube great. Already, CBS and NBC has placed videos on YouTube in hopes of boosting recognition and ratings. Look for even more of this in 2007. I expect even more companies to jump on the bandwagon which could possibly hurt YouTube. I already hate how much attention YouTube gives to CBS by placing their videos in key places (top and sidebar). If YouTube continues to do this then there may be some backlash that they will have to face. Hopefully, they won't go too far.

4. Copyright infringement. YouTube will continue to allow copyright infringement as long as companies don't protest. This is one of the keys to YouTube's success as it has become a source to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Family Guy, and other popular shows. Other video sites that try and compete just can't match up to the level of illegal content that YouTube has (one of the reasons why Revver isn't succeeding).

5. YouTube will continue to maintain its success and finally create a sustainable business model based on banner ads provided by Google. YouTube will turn a profit and in 2007 YouTube will surpass Myspace (according to Alexa rankings YouTube is 6th and Myspace is 5th) in popularity and possibly overtake

All of these things will affect YouTube/Google in different ways and only #3 might hurt them. I expect YouTube to have a great year and continue to be a cult favorite for many. YouTube is becoming so influential in our ways of life that it is hard to see it go anywhere but up.

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