Thursday, December 21, 2006

NBA Taking Down Brawl Videos (N)

Recently, I posted a video of the Knicks Nuggets Brawl that I found on YouTube. Shortly afterwards, the video was taken down so I found another video and posted it in the original's place. Today, I just realized that the second one is no longer on YouTube (which make me pretty mad).

It seems that the NBA has requested that YouTube take down all brawl videos. The image conscious NBA is trying to crack down on brawl videos on YouTube in an effort to save its image with the public. The NBA has said that the videos are a clear violation of their copyright and they are right to say so. However, the NBA doesn't seem to mind the countless videos on YouTube from all their other games. On top of all this nonsense, the NBA hasn't once complained about videos of the infamous Detroit Pistons - Indiana Pacers brawl.

The NBA is trying to virtually eliminate footage of the brawl in a losing battle. I understand the claims for their copyright, but I don't understand their attempts to be more image conscious. Taking videos off of YouTube won't help the NBA get a better image and it isn't as if the video will disappear altogether on the web. They aren't asking ESPN to stop showing clips of the footage like they are asking of YouTube and, as it seems to me, they aren't asking any other company to take the video off of their site. It seems that the NBA, in a stupid move, is taking videos off of the internet to rid itself of the problem and picking on YouTube to do so.

P.S. I have found the video on a certain other online video site owned by Google. You can still, as always, see the brawl here.

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