Monday, December 18, 2006

VideoWrap Is Changing! - Details Here (N)

That's right folks; the VideoWrap is changing. The VideoWrap has been pretty successful in my opinion and has a very niche and important viewership. It is ideal for all those that want to find the best videos on the web without having to search for them. The viewer numbers have been increasing lately since I've been posting more and more videos. I think that to truly expand, however, the VideoWrap needs to provide more then just your favorite videos.

That is why I am not only going to be providing the top videos on the web for you to see from one site but also all of the news concerning the online video world. Who is going to buy MetaCafe? What new things are going down at YouTube? These stories and much much more are going to come.

However, I still, AS ALWAYS, will post the best videos on the web. The VideoWrap will still be your destination to see all the best YouTube, Google Video, and Yahoo Videos on the web!

Furthermore, due to the expansion I need more writers to post up the best videos on the web. If you are interested in doing what I do (aka post awesome videos) then please email me at n3il89 @ You can be a part of the VideoWrap team and share great videos with the world. If the numbers start to escalate enough then writers will be paid and the VideoWrap could be one of the hottest places on the web.

P.S. all news articles will end in (N) so if you don't wanna know the news then you don't have to.

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