Tuesday, December 19, 2006

YouTube introduces Quick Capture (N)

Even though this is a tad old, the story is still good and important to many (plus, news is now on VideoWrap so I get to talk about it).

Quick capture is a new feature now offered by YouTube. This is a completely new feature that no other site has even thought up. Essentially, YouTube is making the process of uploading video blogs even simpler. Quick Capture is where you can record and upload videos simultaneously from your web browser. It supports all major browser as long as you have Flash installed. Also, for all you security freaks out there the service won't start unless you allow or deny it as seen in the photo.

When Quick Capture first came out about a week ago you would have to select your input devices on your own. Now however, you can choose to auto detect your mic and webcam which make the process even easier.

YouTube is hoping to capitalize even more on the video blog arena by making it extremely easy to create your own video blogs. Quick Capture is really simple to use and a must if you are a video blogger. Two thumbs up!

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