Friday, November 17, 2006

UCLA Student Tasered by Police in Library

This is by far the most gripping video I have ever seen on YouTube. A student is Tasered by Police in the UCLA library when he failed to show identification. This is the abuse of authority by these police officers and it is a shame to the school of UCLA. This is police brutality in its worst form and the images and sounds from this video are extremely terrifying. For those that don't know: Using a Taser gun on someone is essentially using a stun gun on them.

Here is a local news report on what happened. It provides more information on what went down in the library and also has more vivid video on the tasering. Also, a student claims that protesters were even threatened to be tasered. Furthermore, the student that was tasered even screamed out that he had a medical condition yet the cops did not pay attention.

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