Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brazilian Judge Orders Closing of YouTube (N)

A judge in Brazil has ordered the shutdown of YouTube after a celebrity sex video kept being uploaded. The video involves Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli and her boyfriend, Tato Malzoni on a beach. After the video appeared on YouTube, Cicarelli requested that YouTube take down the video and YouTube has complied.

However, users continue to upload the video. Eventually, the Brazilian couple sued YouTube asking for the video to be taken down and YouTube with it. The judge ruled in favor of the couple and has since ordered YouTube to shut down.

Most likely, YouTube will not be shut down because as Google, the owner of YouTube, operates in the U.S. they follow the laws of the U.S. and not Brazil. The only way YouTube could be shut down is if a U.S. court rules in favor of the Brazilian court which is doubtful to occur. Brazil could bar all Brazilians from viewing YouTube if they feel passionately on the topic but that won't do much to stop the rest of the world from viewing the videos.

If YouTube could have solved their content identification problem then they might not be in this mess...

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