Monday, January 29, 2007

Google Video Helps YouTube Increase Marketshare by 18% (N)

Last Thursday, I reported that Google Video would soon convert to a search-engine only of video and let YouTube take care of the user generated content. Google Video is already now letting you search for videos and YouTube will appear.

Shortly after the addition of YouTube results the numbers for YouTube spiked. Prior to the integration, YouTube received .54% of all U.S. Internet visits and after the integration they received .64% of all U.S. internet visits. This represents a growth of 18.5% for one week. On the first day of the integration Google Video became responsible for 8.68% of all YouTube traffic compared to .73% prior to the integration. In comparison, MySpace is responsible for 17.54% of YouTube's traffic.

Thanks to Hitwise for all the info.

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