Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Christian Rock Parody Music Video (Hilarious!)

Ok, this video is either going to make you very very mad or laugh hysterically. This is a song created by 'Donnie Davis' called "The Bible Says" that is bound to catch fire soon. Essentially, it is making fun of the evangelical right in this United States and although you may disagree with it I think it is freaking hilarious and I love the video.

A lot of people are questioning whether this video is a real music video and song. I'm pretty sure it isn't and it is just a really well done parody. If you hate this song or love it then let me know in the comments.

[Update] Just about 20 minutes after I posted this video YouTube took all of these videos and took them off their site. This is freedom of speech in my opinion and it is sad to see those rights go away. Of course, I don't really expect 'Donnie Davis' to sue such a big corporation like YouTube. But anyways, I found the video at Break so here it is and please post a comment if this video gets taken down so I can find a new one.


Anonymous said...

wow...retarded much?

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