Thursday, January 25, 2007

Google Video to be Search Only, YouTube to Carry Content (N)

Google has decided to make its Google Video service a search-only site while YouTube will be primary hosters of content. After Google announced its acquisition of YouTube in November, 2006 everyone wondered what would happen to Google Video, a clear competitor to YouTube. Google has made its play deciding that YouTube will be the hosters of content while Google Video will be a search engine of videos including links to YouTube.

My question is will there be other videos on Google Video besides just YouTube? Will there be support for Metacafe, Yahoo Video (doubtful), Revver, and Break? YouTube has this annoying policy of taking down videos such as the Sacha Baron Cohen Golden Globe Speech so I could see a search engine of all the video sites being extremely useful whenever I need to replace a YouTube-taken down video. YouTube is supposed to be completely independent of Google so I'm wondering if Google will slant Google Video results towards YouTube or not.

Another question I'm having about this project is why would I go to Google Video to find a video when I can use YouTube's built-in search feature? What will Google Video offer me over YouTube?

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